Teaching Tips

Toni Thompson from Boston college has compiled some top tips on teaching techniques, this resource can be found by following this WEB LINK

 Tutors working in Construction will find these resources from the Standards unit on “Aspects of Health & Safety” very useful, just follow this WEB LINK

Standards unit materials can be found online, just follow this WEB LINK  the resources cover the folloowing areas:   

Business, Construction, Engineering, Science, IT, Land based, Maths, Creative & Media, Society, Health and Development. There also materials to support e-Guides and Action Research.                          

Discovery Education Web 2.0: Community Tools, Just follow this WEB LINK

Community-building and collaboration are two defining aspects of Web 2.0. A range of tools enable teachers and students to communicate, collaborate and share work.

Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies, Just follow this WEB LINK

At this site you’ll find lots of resources and services about trends, technologies and tools for both, formal education and training as well as next generation enterprise working.