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There are many really useful tools for teaching and learning on the internet, such as blogs, wikis, pedagogic planners, skills audits.

Links to different online tools

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Wikis in plain English



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rss feeds
RSS feeds explained


pedagogic planners
The Phoebe planning tool gives a wealth of information about the ways in which technology can be planned into teaching and learning. See the Phoebe site

The London Pedagogy Planner is a prototype for a collaborative online learning planning and design tool that supports lecturers in developing, analysing and sharing learning designs:



Lexdis is for those who are using or developing on-line learning materials. All the strategies have been provided by students who have first hand experience of e-learning : Ideas for e-Learning


The JISC TechDis Service aims to be the leading educational advisory service, working across the UK, in the fields of accessibility and inclusion.Techdis. Techdis have produced a resource that particularly focuses on inclusive teaching which has a section on HE in FE


e-portfolios are online collections of work. Students can upload text, music, images, and also contribute to blogs and wikis, and set permissions so that only specified individuals or groups can view or participate. Students and trainees in many different disciplines are now encouraged to use e-portfolios. Futher information can be obtained fromJISC Infonet



VLEs (Virtual Learning Environments) like Moodle have become important repositories of course and subject information, but also provide useful online learning tools such as quizzes and channels of communication such as forums and blogs. Find out more from an introduction toMoodle


Online Content Creation
GLO (Generative Learning Object) Maker aims to provide a powerful and user friendly tool to create new generative learning objects, or adapt and repurpose existing generative learning objects. From this site you can download the latest, free version of the tool. You can also download the User Guide and resources for interactive tutorials provided:

Some great links to images, and ‘generator’ sites (eg. to generate a newspaper clipping!) from Ollie Bray’s blog

More links!

Links to more web-sites with great online tools Paul’s e-learning Resources

ILT Web Tools Andrew Hill & Tim Rawe’s web tools site gives an overview of many free tools available on the internet

Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies: links to top 25 tools for teaching and learning, and many other online applications- see website