Regional Information

Regional variations in ITT:

The nature of  training for educators in the post-16 sector varies according to UK region. Some details for different regions are included below :

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In England, qualifications follow a published framework that links to new standards, and are accredited via HEIs and OCN. ‘PTLLS’, ‘CTLLS’ and ‘DTLLS’ are the new qualifications currently being introduced. The professional body for educators in the lifelong learning and skills sectors is the Insititute for Learning (IfL)

The Qualifications Framework agreed in England includes a Minimum Core with an ICT section that also covers ILT

In England, development of ITT standards and qualifications has also been supported by the establishmnet of CETTS (Centres for Excellence in Teacher Training)

Northern Ireland

In Ireland, all new entrants to the FE profession are required to do the first year programme of the PGCE (FHE) at University of Ulster, and most will then go on to complete the second year within their FE institutions. New standards for post-16 teachers are currently in preparation (LLUK)


In Scotland, there is a Diploma-level TQFE qualification (Teaching Qualification for Further Education) available from 3 Universities. ICT is incorporated into the qualification and there are also PDA (professional Development Award) qualifications with ICT content


Qualifications are mainly PGCE-based, often studied part-time over two years within FE institutions, and accredited by HEIs. The new standards for ITT in Wales can be viewed from the LLUK website

An updated qualifications framework is under discussion.

LLUK have now produced an ‘Application Guide’ to Using Technology for Teachers and Trainers in the Lifelong Learning Sector in Wales. The guide follows the pattern of the new teaching standards, and provides a wealth of examples and links as well as an useful glossary (there is also a guide for managers, and in due course there will also be a series of case studies)


SVUK are the subsidiary of Lifelong Learning UK responsible for the verification of initial teacher training plus other forms of workforce training and development. Further information on SVUK website


JISC and RSCs:

JISC’s mission is to provide world-class leadership in the innovative use of Information and Communications Technology to support education and research. JISC provides support at a regional level via Regional Support centres (RSCs) and also via a range of JISC services.

 A list of the JISC services on offer can be found at the JISC web site

A list of  Regional Support Centres in the UK can be found at the JISC website